Music Ministry

  • Jennifer Gorske, Director of Music Ministries: 412.370.2638;
    Gerard Rohlf: 412.657.7570;

  • We are looking forward to the time that we can all sing and make music together again post Covid. Please stay tuned later this year for information regarding choirs and music at all three churches of the parish. We welcome you to become a part of St. Mary Magdalene Parish’s music ministry and to serve as a source of vibrant liturgical leadership for the Parish.  Instrumentalists are also invited to participate.

    St. Augustine stressed the importance of singing with heart and deed as well as voice. He was convinced that singing praises to the holy name of God was indispensable for personal faith and building up the congregation. The Gospel of Luke says, “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be  .”We hope to have you share your treasure of music with us soon!

  • Mission

    The mission of the St. Mary Magdalene Parish Music Ministry it to praise God by creating beautiful music to enhance the liturgy and to inspire and support the people of St. Mary Magdalene Parish, the greater parish community, and beyond. We seek to do this through energetic, blended, well-sung, and experientially moving songs of praise. As music ministers, we strive to serve as disciples, prayerfully sharing music with others. 

  • Happy Easter from St. Mary magdalene parish Virtual Choir